Updated Microsoft Teams essentials to upgrade Small businesses

We all know that the past few months have been rough for all organizations in every sector, there is hardly any business that did not get a hit back. There is no choice left but to opt for a way out so that they can operate and work with their valuable customers, without the involvement of critical tools and technologies. Those who were running small businesses had no choice and were seeking solutions that are designed to cater to their urge to get stable in this new normal situation. However, to fight back for normal, Microsoft came to a solution, they have recently introduced the small business owners to the Microsoft teams essentials. Now, if you are wondering what’s that, then it’s a comprehensive package that is only created keeping the small businesses in mind. It comes with the features to bring small businesses close to its customers with the help of unlimited group video calls for 30 hours, group chat, calendaring along file sharing.

What do Microsoft Teams essentials offer?

Small businesses from caterers, restaurants to retailers, and professional services can get together and meet, collaborate, communicate and do idea generation for expanding their businesses. It is one of the most convenient and affordable solutions for the new business to expand. Not only the profit earners, but it also supports the smooth running of any NGO for human welfare.

Flexible meetings limit along with easy-to-use interface

It is a very challenging situation wherein you have to work close to your customers and partners if you do not have the right communication tools at the right time. With Teams essentials you will get all the existing Teams capabilities together with the smart features curated for the small businesses and community groups:

  • You will get extended meeting times.
  • The meetings are interactive with idea generation.
  • There is a calendar integration facility.
  • Simple and easy invitations.
  • Large meetings capacity.

Ease to stay organized with Microsoft Teams essentials

The Teams essentials simplify the communication between the customers and the small businesses with the help of chats and meetings. Doing this saves time and keeps the meetings and conversations in context. This clearly includes the tools to work effectively with any user, which includes Office web apps, file sharing, task management, group chats, and many more. Here are the features you get:

  • There is extended cloud storage.
  • Ongoing chat facility.
  • Chat template for small businesses.
  • You can chat, meet and collaborate with any user.
  • There is a mobile chat dashboard.

Microsoft teams essentials offer value and cater to small business needs 

The cost incurred to run any business is the primary thing to pop up in the mind of every business owner. With Microsoft Teams essentials you will get all the features at the best price. With an easy-to-use interface, it is easy for the employees to be productive quickly. You get the most from tools you use with advanced technology along with the instant support by Microsoft.

How to buy Microsoft Teams essentials?

There are different platform from which you can get the Microsoft Teams essentials, and these recognized platforms are:

  • ALSO
  • PAX8

Apart from these listed companies, the customers can also get the MS Teams essentials via office.com/setup. Those customers who are looking to use the MS Teams for personal use can access the same features along with extended meeting limits with MS Office 365 family and personal.


There is no doubt that Microsoft is committed to delivering a perfect solution to small businesses that supports their core needs. It comes with expanded security that offers small businesses to establish their business with Microsoft Defender for business features. It helps small businesses to stay geared up from ransomware and other cyber threats. So, with Teams essentials, your small business gets to collaborate securely from virtually anywhere.

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