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Umpteen of times, when you try to log in to your Office 365 account what you get to experience that you are unable to log into your account. As a result of this, you are unable to access the diverse features of Office 365 and perform a variety of important functions. There could be a variant of reasons why you are experiencing such a situation, but there are certain troubleshooting methods.

But, before moving ahead, we will try to know the possible reasons why you are facing the issue.

office 365 login not working

Reasons of office 365 sign in not working

The following are the most obvious reasons why one is facing Office 365 login issues:

  • In case, your subscription has expired, then also the login page might not work.
  • If you have disabled your account in the past, the page might fail to load.
  • Other than this, the user account might have been blocked by the authorities.
  • Most probably, you might be entering the incorrect login details.
  • You have used a temporary or expired login password.
  • Microsoft has blocked you from signing in due to certain reasons.
  • For federated users, it is a must for everyone to log in.

Why Office 365 sign in page not loading?

When you try to visit the log in page of Office, you might see a blank screen and the login window might not appear. The following could be the main reasons behind it:

  • There might be some problems with the internet connection.
  • The web browser you are trying to use to load the login page is not supported.
  • You might be typing the wrong URL.

Ways to trouble Office 365 login issues

  1. Reset Internet Explorer– resetting the Internet Explorer has helped many users to get rid of the login problems faced by them. Hence, you should also try to reset its settings and see if it helps.
  2. Visit the correct login website– to login, you must visit
  3. Delete the browser history– this might help when the login page fails to load.
  4. Check your internet connection– make sure your computer is receiving a high-speed internet connection.
  5. Avoid spelling mistakes- while typing the Office 365 login credentials, make sure you are not making any spelling mistakes.

Get assistance from the official Microsoft Support team in case you are blocked out from signing in. you will definitely come up with a solution to resolve this problem

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