How to access the free Microsoft office product key?

There are many stories that roam around software licenses. Many of the registered complain are about Windows abruptly becoming unlicensed after they update the software. Also, the rest of the users are facing trouble in reactivating their Office license once they have replaced SSD drive.

The reason behind this frustrating state is that you should get in touch with the Microsoft support team despite mailing it. However, if you want to get a free license key then guidelines in this article can help you to work immediately. If you want to resolve some other queries related to Office products and subscriptions then visit

What are the types of free Windows and Office license keys?

First of all, you need to be clear about the topic we are going to discuss. Presently, there are two types of free license one is educator/student and another is a trial license pack. The education license pack is the replica of retail pack. However, it is only for students and teachers. Also talking about the trial one, it is totally free and a program activated by the trial key will have the features. So, it is perfect for those who wish to have access to the free Microsoft office product key.

Free 180 day trial license

Microsoft allows you to try most of its versions of Windows and office setup for the time span of 30 days. Once the trial period is over, some of the important features will be limited. Let’s say, In Windows 10 you will not be able to personalize your PC once the trial period ends. The trial license is completely legal and authentic however, its period cannot be stretched forward. This means that we cannot do anything about it. However, there is an alternative license for 30 days for which you can visit

You can use the KMS license that is almost similar to Microsoft office one along with the Microsoft office product key. You need to remember the KMS license is almost a replica to the trial one and it is valid up to 180 days only. The most important part is it can be renewed without putting a limit on the numbers of valid activation. You can extend the trial period to forever; you just have to visit the official website of office setup that is to know the details of the same.

Point to remember: You can easily use the Microsoft office product key in order to activate your current product for free. There are some specific instructions for every product offered by the office setup.

What is the disadvantage of using Microsoft office product key for free?

Using Microsoft office product key free for long or using any alternative key is not the solution if you don’t get it from the retail one. The 180-day trial license will expire if you do not renew it before the trial period ends. On the contrary, there is no need to further concern it the office setup is activated permanently.

Piece of advice: The Office trial version with Microsoft office product key will be automatically renewed every 7 days so you need not worry about doing it manually.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to get the insights of the office setup activated via Microsoft office product key for free. In case, you have any questions or concerns then we recommend you visit which is the official website. The team of experts will assist you with the best possible solutions.



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