How to fix Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Error?

Microsoft Office is one of the top brands that have designed its packages or productivity suite having client software including several server applications, desktop software, mobile applications, and web services. Every time the company launches its new version with more advanced features than the previous one and better user interface too. One such version of Office Setup is Office 2010.

Office setup 2010 consists of various new features that include backstage view, file tab, improved ribbon, new file formats, document co-authoring, artistic effects, font effects, enhancements, hardware acceleration, and many more. Security is one more feature for making the documents as trusted and protected. To get this Office Setup 2010 onto the device, visit the official website i.e. and follow a three-step procedure including download, install, and activate.

The installation plays a significant role as it makes the device ready for the execution of the software. But sometimes the users of Office Setup get some errors while installing the setup onto the device. Some error occurs on the without any code while some consists of code as these codes help the users to detect the cause easily. But it becomes quite difficult to detect the cause once codes are absent. Thus, in order to enhance their path in resolving the installation errors, some methods have been mentioned in the article given below.

Steps to resolve the Installation errors of Office Setup 2010:

Follow the methods displayed below to resolve the installation errors being faced onto the device while installing the Office Setup 2010. The methods are as follows:

  1. Go for a compatibility check of the downloaded Office Setup 2010 file:
    1. Launch the start menu, and type ‘msinfo32’ in the search bar, followed by pressing the enter button.
    2. Here, check the OS of the device and the architecture nearby the System type.
    3. If the system does not fulfill the minimum requirement of the Office Setup 2010 then, just go for a compatible setup of 2010.
  2. Make sure that the users’ device is updated or its Windows have been updated to its latest version.

To do so, execute the Windows Updater onto the device and install it if any update is available.

  1. Restart the device:
    1. Launch the start menu, followed by clicking the ‘Restart’ option.
    2. Else, the users may use shortcut i.e. press the ‘Alt’ and ‘F4’ key altogether.
    3. And then, select the ‘Restart’ option from the drop-down menu followed by clicking the ‘OK’ button.
  2. Disable the compatibility mode:
    1. Move to the location where the .exe file of the Office Setup has been downloaded.
    2. Now, select the file with right-click and select the ‘Properties’ option from the right drop-down menu.
    3. On the properties panel, go to the compatibility window, followed by unmarking the checkbox of ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’.
    4. At last, click the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes made, followed by tapping the ‘OK’ button.
    5. Now, try to install the Office Setup 2010.

Thus, the Office Setup 2010 installation errors will be resolved and for getting assistance in a better way just visit the official website i.e.


I hope, this article is quite helpful in guiding the Office Setup 2010 users’ path in resolving the concern of installation errors being faced while installing the setup onto the device. Even the company offers its free services to resolve the users’ concern. So, if the users are having any doubts while performing these methods onto the device then, they are highly recommended to access the official website to get support from its technicians.


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