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Microsoft has been one of the brands that have to launch its creative developments whether it is some software or application, since its foundation. The company has designed a special gaming system so that the multiple users could easily play online games and this also delivers digital media services too. The Xbox Live is the next generation of the online streaming of games and this also offers real-time influence and participation to its users. Most important the security for the Live Xbox is also an add-on feature to it.

Now, the main question that flickers the minds of the Office setup users is ‘how to set up the Xbox’. Thus, this article consists of the answer or the method for the successful setup of the Xbox live.

Steps to setup the Xbox Live via

  1. Signing in to the Xbox Live using New Account:
    • First of all, turn the Xbox Live device on through its console.
    • Now, the users need to open the sidebar of the device by clicking the left analog stick on its home screen.
    • Here, click the profile icon, followed by pressing the ‘A’ button.
    • After this, select the “Add & Manage” and again press the ‘A’ button.
    • Here, click the “Add New” option, followed by pressing the ‘A’ button.
    • Now, the users need to enter their email address of the Xbox Live, if it exists. And, if the account does not exist then, create it.
    • Now, press the three “vertical line” button onto the remote or controller.
    • After this, enter the password of the Xbox Live. Again, press the same three ‘vertical line’ button.
    • Once a successful sign-in, press the ‘A’ button for selecting the entire preferable option.
    • After this, the users will be directed to the “Xbox Live Gold” screen. Here, select one of the subscriptions. Or the users may ‘Use a code’ option for entering a prepaid code. Even, the users may select the ‘No Thanks’ option for doing this later.
    • Press the ‘A’ button, again for getting onto the payment page. Else, skip it.
    • Then, select the ‘Get Started’ option, followed by pressing the ‘a’ button.
    • Onto the next page i.e. payment page, select one of the two available methods. Press the ‘A’ button.
    • Now, enter the payment details and then, select the ‘Subscribe’ button. At last, press the ‘A’ button.
  2. Using the Xbox Live Website:
    • First of all, access the official website of Xbox, followed by signing in to the Xbox Live account for getting the subscription.
    • Here, move to the ‘Xbox Live’ panel, and then, click the ‘Join Xbox Live Gold’ option.
    • And then, select the ‘Join Today’ option displayed at the lower-left corner of the page.
    • Here, select the drop-down menu of Xbox Live Gold for selecting on e of the available subscription package.
    • On selecting the pricing option, click the ‘Join Now’ button. After this, enter the email address of the Xbox Live within the requisite field, followed by tapping the ‘Next’ button
    • After this, enter the password within the required field.
    • And then, click the ‘Sign in’ button. Go for verification of the account.
    • Once verification has been done successfully, go for payment using one of the available payment sources or methods like credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
    • At last, click the ‘Save’ button, followed by tapping ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom rightmost corner. Thus, the Xbox Live will be setup, successfully.


Hope, this article is quite successful in resolving the concern of its users regarding ‘how to setup the Xbox Live. Although the methods mentioned in this article are easy and simple to follow. But, if any errors are faced while performing theses steps then, the users of the Xbox Live are advised to access the support section of its official website.

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