How to screening for images on File Explorer Windows 10?

There are many users who often work with the images in Windows 10 and now you get the preview of the images without launching a full image editor that helps you to save your time. The windows 10 offers you to preview the image in the File Explorer. It is important to understand that the Photo viewer doesn’t exist but you can fix this issue. In Windows 10, you can create the Image preview command via Registry available online. After this, you have to right-click on the image that you wish to view and tap on the “Preview” option.

Using the Photo viewer, you can view the full image, zooming features to view the images. For this, you need to open the File Explorer in Windows 10 and right tap on the image in JPG, PNG, TIF, or any format. Make sure there is no option in the popup menu to preview the file without any need to open the file or edit the image viewer. You can always change the large thumbnails however, this will not help with the full-screen images. In this article, you will learn the essentials for screening the images on File Explorer Windows 10.

What are the steps to view images on File Explorer while using the Windows 10?

In this section, you will get to learn the steps to preview the images on File Explorer in Windows 10:

  1. First of all, you have to launch the browser and see the discussion thread of the item. Now just copy and paste the registry content in a text file.
  2. Just save the reg file and download the correct req file that you have created already.
  3. Remember, at the top of the first message tap on the link for Restore Windows Photo viewer in Windows 10.
  4. After this, you have to scroll down to the next page and tap on the “Download” button that is visible under the “Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer_ALL_USERS.reg” tab.
  5. You have to download the file for the “Undo_Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer_CURRENT_USER.reg” in case you wish to undo the changes.
  6. Just double-tap on the reg file that you have downloaded.
  7. After this, tap on the “Yes” option to access the “User Account Control’” and add the information to the Registry.
  8. Go back to the “File Explorer” and right tap on the image file and you will then see the “Image Preview” command on the menu.
  9. Tap on the command to view the image that is present in the “Windows Photo viewer”.
  10. You will now see the Photo viewer window.
  11. Just tap on the Magnifying glass icon and move to the slider to zoom the image.
  12. You have to tap on the “Fit to window” icon to see the full image.
  13. Now, tap on the Rotate arrows to rotate the image accordingly.
  14. You have to tap on the right arrow to see the next image in the folder.
  15. The final step says you have to tap on the middle slide show icon to play the slide show of the images.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

It is very important to understand the steps to screen for images on File Explorer Windows 10. However, if you have queries related to the topic then it is strongly recommended to visit the official website and get assistance if you have confusion correlates to the topic. On the website, you will get the professional guidance and instructions available right away to fix all your queries.

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