How to resolve Microsoft Office 365 problems in Mac?

Microsoft Office is one of the highly and globally used software or the client software having multiple applications and services included within its package. The company has designed several versions of its Office Setup like Office 2016, Office 2019, Office 365, and many more. All these are easily available on its official website i.e. in several package values like Home, Home & Business, Professional, Home & Student, and other such.

These setups are compatible with all the devices including Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows used by the users. But, sometimes the users of Office Setup face some problems or errors while utilizing Microsoft Office 365 on their Mac devices. Thus, to make ease for the Mac device users, some common errors along with some common resolving methods have been mentioned in the article given below.

Common Errors or Problems of Microsoft Office 365 on Mac devices:

Here are some commonly faced errors or problems faced by the Office Setup 365 users on their Mac devices:

  1. Crashes or slow performance
  2. Files not being saved to a server
  3. Misalignment of the cursor within the functional bar or Excel application
  4. Errors with fonts
  5. Not able to import contacts into outlook
  6. Windows might become unstable when trying to quit the slide show in full screen of PowerPoint
  7. Number list not working properly

Steps to resolve these Microsoft Office 365 errors on Mac devices:

By following the resolving methods detailed below, the users of the Microsoft Office 365 could easily get rid of the commonly faced errors on their Mac devices. The methods are as follows:

  1. Go for the repair of Disk permissions:
    1. First and foremost, execute the “Utilities’ window through the start menu.
    2. After this, select the ‘Disk Utility’ from the entire options being available.
    3. Now, choose the hard drive of the device, followed by taping the ‘First Aid’ button.
    4. After this, click the ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ button.
  2. Start-up the device in Safe Mode:
    1. Firstly, the users are advised to log in to their Mac device as Administrator.
    2. After this, go for a safe boot of Mac device.
    3. At last, restart the device in ‘Safe Mode’.
  3. Reinstall the Microsoft Office 365 on Mac
    1. Firstly, uninstall the existing Office Setup by going to the ‘Control Panel’ of the device.
    2. And then, select the installed setup, followed by tapping the ‘Uninstall’ button.

Now, reinstall the setup by following the steps detailed below:

  1. Now, sign in to the Office Account through its official page i.e.
  2. After this, click the ‘Sign in’ option, followed by entering the login credentials within the requisite field.
  3. On the account home page, click the ‘Install Office’ button, followed by tapping the ‘Install’ option.
  4. Thus, the download will be initiated on the device. After this, follow the steps or prompts displayed over the screen to install the setup, successfully.
  1. Reset the MS-Word application:
    1. Make sure that the entire applications running within the background has been closed.
    2. Now, execute the word application, followed by clicking the ‘Home’ menu below the title bar of word window.
    3. Here, click the ‘Library’ option, followed by clicking the ‘Preferences’ folder.
    4. And then, follow the path as shown below:

Application >> Microsoft >> Office >> User Templates

  1. From the templates area, find the ‘Normal.dotm’ file and drag this on the main desktop and launch the word application.
  1. Update the Office Setup 365: to get the steps to update the Office Setup 365, follow the update steps given onto the support section of its official website i.e.


We have listed the entire resolving methods that the users could easily use to get rid of all sorts of common errors or problems faced by them while using Office Setup 365 on their Mac device. I hope, this article is quite successful in helping its users as the methods have been detailed in simple in an easy manner. Thus, if such Microsoft Office 365 errors are still faced over the Mac devices the Microsoft Office 365 n, the users are requested to visit the official website ( to get some more resolving methods from its experts.

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