How to fix Microsoft Outlook 365 won’t open stuck on loading profile?

Outlook Account is one of the email account or online account used by the Office Setup users as an emailing account for communicating their confidential data or files to other users. Apart from using this application as emailing applications, the Outlook could easily be used as settings date reminders using its calendar feature, managing the tasks to be done, and many more in-built features.

Sometimes the users of the Outlook account or the Office Setup face the issue of the stuck screen while loading the profile. Thus, in order to help them, this article consists of the methods to resolve this stuck screen issue. Even the company does offer a team of its experts to offer a free service in resolving the concern of its users. So, it is recommended to the users of Office Setup to access the official website of Outlook, if they are unable to resolve their issue by following these methods.

Steps to fix Outlook 365 stuck screen on loading the profile:

Before the methods of resolving the concern, the users must be aware of the causes being responsible for the occurrence of this stuck screen onto Outlook account while loading the profile:

  1. Corrupted profile of the Outlook Account
  2. Bad PST file
  3. Administrator privileged being avoided while executing the Outlook
  4. Occurrence of Add-ins
  5. Compatibility mode of the Outlook being enabled
  6. Navigation panel being glitched

By following the methods detailed below, the users of the Office Setup or the Outlook Account will be able to fix their concern of stuck screen on loading the profile. The methods are as follows:

    1. Run the Outlook as Administrator:
      1. In the start menu, select the Outloo.exe option with a right-click.
      2. And then, select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option from the menu displayed over the screen.
    2. Disable the compatibility preferences of the Outlook account:
      1. Simply, right-click the Outloo.exe file and then, select the ‘Properties’ option.
      2. After this, move to the ‘Compatibility’ panel, followed by unmarking the checkbox of ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’.
      3. At last, click the apply button and then, save button to save the entire changes made.
    3. Reset the navigation panel:
      1. Firstly, close the outlook application running onto the screen.
      2. Now, press the ‘Windows’ key along with the ‘R’, all together to execute the ‘Run’ window on the device.
      3. And then, in the run box, type command as shown below, followed by pressing the ‘Enter’ button.


    1. Thus, the Outlook application will be reset, successfully.
    1. Execute the Outlook panel in Airplane Mode:
      1. Move to the ‘network’ icon onto the taskbar of the desktop.
      2. Here, click the ‘Airplane mode’ option.
      3. Now, try to execute the Outlook application on the device.
      4. After this, again move to the same place to disable the Airplane mode.
    2. Create a new Outlook profile:
      1. First of all, close the outlook application, followed by pressing the two keys altogether i.e. Windows key and ‘R’ key.
      2. Now, within the run window, type ‘control mlcfg32.cpl’.
      3. And then, press the ‘Enter’ button.
      4. Here, select the ‘Show Profile’ button. On the next window, click the ‘Add’ button for creating a new profile.
      5. Once a new profile has been created, click the ‘Ok’ button.
      6. Now, utilize the ‘Email Account’ option for inserting the email credentials and configure it, automatically.
      7. Now, make this newly created profile as default by selecting the ‘Always use this profile’ radio button, followed by selecting the newly created profile.
      8. At last, click the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes made.
    3. Close the entire programs in the background:
      1. Firstly, try to rename any of the files located at the locations as shown below:


    1. If the files get renamed then, there is no need to follow the further steps.
    2. Else, if the files are not renamed then, execute the ‘task manager’ and close the entire programs or applications running in its background.


    I hope, this article is quite fruitful in enlightening the path of the Office Setup users in resolving their issue of opening outlook stuck screen while loading the profile. These steps are very easy and simple to follow. But if the users are unable to fix their issue by following these methods, then they are requested to access the support section of the to get assistance through its experts.

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