How to Change the Password in Outlook 365?

Passwords are just like a security code required by the users to keep their data or files safe from being accessed by undesirable users. Mostly the users set their birthdates, favorite names or such personal information as to their passwords. And this is riskier as the users who are close in relation might get access to these passwords easily. Thus, the users are requested to change their passwords within a regular time period to avoid such a breach.

Even one such account that requires a password is Outlook Account and the users face issues while changing their passwords. Thus, to make an ease to them, the stepwise procedure to change the password of the Outlook account has been mentioned in the article given below.

Steps to change the password in Outlook 365:

By following the steps mentioned below, the users of the Outlook account or the Office Setup may change their passwords, easily. Thus, the steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, visit the official website of Office Setup or Outlook i.e.
  2. And then, click the ‘Sign in’ button, followed by entering the login credentials of the Outlook account like email address and password within the requisite field.
  3. Remember that the credentials have been entered correctly.
  4. After this, click the ‘Sign in’ button.
  5. Here, go to the ‘Security’ section. And then, select the ‘Password Security’ option.
  6. After this, the users will be directed to the next panel where they need to verify their identity by security code.
  7. Apart from this, they need to enter either there an email address or the last four characters of their registered mobile number.
  8. Thus, a code will be retrieved by the users on the same identification they have entered in the above step.
  9. Now, enter this code within the requisite files, followed by clicking the ‘Submit’ button.
  10. Now, enter the current password or old password & new password within the required fields.
  11. At last, click the ‘Save’ button to apply all the changes made.


I hope, this article is quite successful in resolving the concern of Outlook or Office Setup users regarding ‘how to change the password of the account. The steps detailed here are simple and easy to follow. Thus, if the users are requested to access the Official website of Outlook i.e. to get assistance by its technicians or experts if these steps are not old enough in resolving their concern or creating any doubts.

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