How to resolve Outlook Office 365 stuck on loading profile issue?

Outlook Office 365 is one of the online accounts designed by Microsoft for a corporative organization to communicate with other users or employees working within the organization. The users need to keep a check over the entire updates being available. This is because updating the outlook office 365 to the latest version is mandatory as it includes some newer features, as well as the security feature, which is more effective.

By updating the version of the product, the users could easily close the gates for the hackers to detect the bug within the previous version and enter into the users’ device digitally. This may cause hackers to hack the confidential data of the users and utilize it in the wrong manner.

Once the Outlook account included within outlook office 365 login has been updated, successfully, the users do face some errors or issues while executing the product onto the device.

Steps to resolve ‘Outlook office 365 on loading profile’ issue:

By following the steps detailed below, the users could easily get rid of the issue. The steps are as follows:

Method 1: Execute the Outlook application in safe mode:

  1. First of all, close the Outlook application.
  2. After this, try to execute the Outlook in safe mode by entering the command as shown below, followed by pressing the enter button: Outlook.exe/safe
  1. And then, close the outlook and restart the application in normal mode.

Method 2: Create a new user profile:

  1. First of all, execute the control panel application onto the device.
  2. And then, select the ‘Mail’ option from the control panel window
  3. After this, select the ‘Show Profile’ option.
  4. Here, click the ‘Add’ button and then, within the ‘Profile Name’ box, enter a profile name.
  5. After this, click the ‘OK’ button.
  6. Now, enter the email address and password of the Outlook Account (primary).
  7. And then, the profile created will be displayed onto the ‘Show Profile’ dialog box.
  8. Here, do select the one the users wish to use.
  9. Now, execute the via a newly created profile.

Method 3: Ending processes through task manager:

  1. Tap the empty space onto the taskbar via right-click.
  2. And then, from the drop-down menu, do select the ‘Task Manager’ option.
  3. Within the ‘Processes’ panel, do locate the entire Office Setup processes.
  4. And then, choose the ‘End Task’ option.
  5. Repeat the same, until the entire Office Setup process gets ended up.


I hope, the article is quite helpful to the Office Setup users in getting rid of the issue. If any of the methods detailed here, do create some doubts then, the users are highly requested to visit the official website i.e. to get the advice from the experts of the company.

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