What is the difference between Microsoft Office Home & Business and Professional?

Microsoft Office is one of the main software utilized by several users whether they are students, office professionals, or some business holders for creating their documents as well as for communicating confidential data too. The company has designed several versions of its Office Setup including Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 365, Office 20119, and many more. All these are available in various packages like Home & Business, Home & Student, Professional, Personal, and many more on its official website i.e. Office.com/Setup.

Sometimes the users are not able to detect what actually the difference between both of its packages including Office Setup Home & Business and Professional. Thus, to make ease for the users, the article given below consists of the proper differentiation among these packages of Microsoft Office.

Difference between Microsoft Office Home & Business and Professional:

  1. First of all, the Office Setup professional consists of the publisher and access application needed for designing brochures and combining relational jet database with the user interface. While these applications are absent in the Home & Business package.
  2. The entire core applications and Outlook are included within the Professional package similar to Home & Business one. But they differ because the professional version utilizes the Windows installer method for installing the applications offline.
  3. Both the packages of the Microsoft Office are not included with the Skype minutes and 1 TB cloud space for storing the documents or confidential files so that they can be accessed from any corner of the world.
  4. Both of these are named as per to target the specified audiences as it includes different features and products.
  5. The Home and Business package of the Office Setup costs about $199.99 for a single system while the professional one costs $279.99 for a single pc.
  6. The system requirement for both the packages of Microsoft Office is the same i.e. 3 GB space of hard disk, 1027 x 768 monitor resolution, the memory of 2 GB RAM, and other such.


We have tried our level best to detect the difference between the Office Setup package of Home & Business and professional. Although both the packages are designed to target the specified audiences and thus, they differ in some applications like publishers or access while the rest of the applications are the same. So, we hope this article is quite successful in getting the main difference between the two Office Setup packages. If the users are not able to choose out of these two regarding ‘which will fulfill their requirements’ then, they are requested to visit the official website i.e. Office.com/Setup, to get advice through its experts.

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