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Activation plays a keen role as it enables the users to enjoy the entire services and applications included within the software being installed by them. But for the activation process, the users require a 16-digit activation key commonly known as Product Key. Thus, the product key related to the Office Setup is known as Office Product Key.

Office Product Key refers to the activation key required for activating the services or the applications included within the Office Setup. Office Setup is available in various versions (like Office Setup 2010, Office Setup 2016, Office Setup 365, and many more) on its official website i.e. Even, all these Office Setup are compatible with every Operating system (including Mac, IOS, Windows, and Android) used by its user.

Sometimes the main concern of the users arise regarding the Office Product key is that ‘how do I find my Office Product Key’. Thus, in order to support the users and resolve their concern this article has been mentioned below having the procedure of finding the Office Product key. Thus, if you are also having the same concern then, you have visited the appropriate place.

Steps to find my Office Product Key:

Follow the procedures mentioned below to find the Office Product Key of the respective Office Setup (2010, 2016, 365 or any version). The steps are as follows:

  1. Check the email address: Depending upon the method of purchase, if the users have purchased the setup via online method then, do the following:
    1. Move to the Office Account or the inbox of the email address registered while making the purchase of Office Setup.
    2. A confirmation mail has been received by the users consist the Office Product Key.
  2. Check the box of the Office Setup: If the Office Setup has been purchased via offline method then, follow the steps detailed below:
    1. Check at the back of the Office Setup box.
    2. Else, check the inner edges of the CD of the Office Setup.
    3. Thus, the Office Product key can easily be find.
  3. Check in the device Registry:
    1. Press two key from the keyboard altogether i.e. Windows + R for launching the “Run” dialogue box.
    2. Now, type the “regedit” in the field, followed by clicking the “OK” button.
    3. Thus, the registry editor window will be executed on the device.
    4. Here, move to the option as detailed below from this registry editor window


  1. Thus, the Office key will be projected just below this option. If this method won’t work then, this is the indication that the Office Key has been corrupted.

If any of the aforementioned methods is doubtful then, the users may access the official website of Office to get a better solution for resolving their concern ‘how do I find my Office Product Key’ from its expert.The experts of the Office Setup or Microsoft are available for 24*7 hours for providing their free service of resolving the users’ concern.


Hope, each and every method mentioned in the aforementioned article is fruitful to the users finding the solution for resolving their concern of ‘how do I find my Office Product Key’. The methods are written in elaborated manner so that the users can easily follow them and get over the issue, easily. And still, the users are unable get over their concern then, this is recommended to them to visit the official website of Office Setup i.e.

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