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Microsoft Redeem Code: Activation of any software plays a vital role as it signifies that the purchased software or application has been installed by the user itself, instead of any third person without the users’ information. Thus, in order to activate the software the users require a small unique key or code known as the Product Key. Hence the Product key related to the Office Setup is known as the Office Product key.

This Office Product key comes in the form of either an email to users’ email address (if purchased online) or at the edges of the CD (if purchased offline) depending upon the method adopted to purchase the Office Setup by the users.

Microsoft Office Product Key refers to a special or unique code required by the users to activate the applications included within the purchased Office Setup. This Office Product Key has 25 alphanumeric digits. But, for activating the purchased Office Setup, the users need to first redeem this Office Product key from the Microsoft Office. So, the easiest way to redeem the Office Product Key or the code from the Microsoft Store has been mentioned to avoid all sorts of errors that the users face while doing so.

Steps to redeem Office product key or code from Microsoft Store:

By following the steps detailed below, the user may easily redeem the Office product key or the code from the Microsoft Store. The steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly, execute the Microsoft Store on the device and then, locate the “Redeem the Code” option.
  2. Now, the store will ask to sign in to the users’ Microsoft Account (If the users have still not signed into their account).
  3. So, enter the email address of the Microsoft Account along with the corresponding password to the required field.
  4. And then, tap the “Sign in” button.
  5. Here, move to the “Order History” and then, select the Office Setup for which you want to redeem the Office Product key or code.
  6. And then, click the install the button and thus, the key will be redeemed on the screen.

(Note: For getting the steps to activate the Office Setup to the Device refer the steps detailed on the

Once the Office Product key or code has been successfully redeemed by the users, they may enter this key to the required field within the Office Setup to activate its applications and use them. If still any of the errors are displaced while performing the aforementioned process then, the users may call the Office Customer Support on their toll-free number. The users may call them anytime round the clock as they are available for 24*7 hours to help their customers.


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